Lucas ranch webcam pointed at the Cascades just northeast of Sisters Oregon (yes, we moved)

          This cam may change position during the year to avoid pointing directly at the setting sun
I am still trying to find the better view for November to February

               It may be necessary to refresh the page to get the latest picture and info.


This is the view on a good day (click to see larger)



Click on the mountain to see a large version of the mountain (not necessarily taken from the same spot, but nearby)

                Broken Top                            South Sister                    Middle and North Sister                            Black Crater                  Mt Washington                           Three Finger Jack

Time Lapse Movies for past months --- Choppy video is due to winds. The cam is 30 feet in the air on an antenna mast that is tied down, but still moves a little.

Starting in 2018 the video should no longer be choppy, since I have now made the camera solid by chaining it down. Hopefully, it will last.

     The intent is to update movies each month as a month is completed and to add yearly movies at the end of the summer season (September - August movie).

Use this dropdown menu to view time lapse movies (move mouse over the year and pick a month - faster and choppier OR slower and smoother)
Set quality to a higher number for better definition in the years before 2018 (the little "gear" at the bottom of the video that shows up after you start it)







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